The Sacrifice of Self For Love

As experience walking in the unknown
Has cooked me more and more
So my flavor has matured and deepened
I do not say this with any grandiosity
For the cooking itself has dissolved
All pretension and self applaud

The willingness to walk in the fire
To face life openly and tenderly
With no stories or justifications
Turns humiliation to humility
Arrogance to wisdom
Self righteousness to kindness
Fear to love

To enter the freedom of love’s truth
You must be willing
To offer everything to God
Nothing less than totality will do
Nothing kept back in case
No, utterly naked as an innocent child
That’s the way it is

For in that offering of the totality of oneself
There is a transformation
And you are born again
As freedom
As love.

Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay

Perfection in Imperfection

When I looked in your eyes
I saw nothing wrong
Yes there was some brokenness
There was some pain
Regret and sorrow
Some heartache and longing
For peace and freedom
But, while you saw these as obstacles,
I saw them as doorways
To a deeper acceptance
Of the beauty I saw
When I looked in your eyes

Look friend, look and look again!
There is a perfection
In the imperfection
There is a love
In the brokenness
A deep river of wholeness
That runs through everything
That’s where the joy is
Always was and will be
It’s there in your eyes
I see it.

Image by Bessi from Pixabay

Let Life Pierce Your Defenses

Pierce this heart to the core
I no longer care for civility
Or behaving myself
Let what is deep inside
Flow out into the world
And flood the barrenness

What is everyone so afraid of
Love is not to be feared
It’s lack of love
That should be feared

Pierce this heart to the core
And see the sorrow
And the grief
See the joy and the beauty
Flow out like a never ending river
Be done with all this pretense
Only the wetness of love matters

Let life go all the way in
No more holding it all back
Keeping it all together
Playing the safe game
Let it in
Allow love to flow
In and out
It’s what you are for
It’s who you are
Beyond the surface dance

And now is the time
Not soon
Not when you are ready
When things are a little better
And you are more prepared
But now, and now, and now.

Image by mike lacoste from Pixabay

Everything Wants To Come Home

Why does the past
Keep knocking on your door?
Because it wants to be welcomed home

Everything wants to be loved
Everything wants union
Into love

If you want to know a secret
The wise ones know
It is this
There is no past, it is an illusion
And what seems to be the past
Knocking on the door
Is happening now

Knowing this brings great power
To let go of grievances and past insults


Through surrendering the need
To hold on to anything
Through such tenderness
That everything dissolves
And through a kindness
That liberates all prisoners

Everything wants to come home.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

An Embodied Truth Called Love

Listen, if the heart does not open
There has been no real awakening
Only understanding
And understanding is not enough
It’s only part of the picture

It’s when understanding falls into
The heart’s chamber
And meet’s life’s wounds and sorrows
That transformation happens

All the understanding in the world
Does not transform you
First you may understand
But then you must drown

Soak yourself in that understanding
Let it flood into your life
Like a cleansing river
There will be pain and tears
And grief and rage
Regret and shame
And even terror
Welcome all these
For they are your doorways
To an unconditional place
And once truly released
All that understanding
Will be lived as an embodied truth
Called LOVE.

Image by Lars_Nissen_Photoart from Pixabay

The Beauty That Whispers Our Name

We are parched of beauty
Not the superficial beauty all too common
That celebrates the superficial
But the true beauty
That lives deep in our soul
Whispering to our hearts
‘Come, come.’
The nectar of life.

When, somehow, we taste just a drop of that beauty
We are changed forever
And we begin to seek it
Like the one that crawls thought the desert
Searching, longing for the oasis

I learned to seek this beauty always
Even in troubling times
Especially in troubling times
When we are so distracted and misguided.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay