Born for Simple Joy

You can only
Cover over the cracks
For so long
Before what is hidden
Behind those cracks
Starts seeping through
And breaking into
Any intimate or vulnerable
Part of your life.

The cover over the cracks
Was only there as a temporary measure
A form of protection
Necessary at the time
But now become an old and tired habit
With no purpose left
And thus it torments you
To let it go

Uncover the cracks
And let the light shine in
And out

We must carry our defensive strategies
Only as long as absolutely necessary
But the wise one
Knows when this time is
And will choose, at some point,
To put down his, or her, arms
And meet the rest of life
With open hands

The alternative is life as a prisoner
Held captive in a bar-less jail

Come, throw off your old cloak of fears
And run free into the fields of joy
Jump, shake, scream and howl
Let it all go in a great dance of abandon
You will find this freedom
Has been inside you all the time
Waiting for the right moment
To reveal itself.

You were born for the simple joy of freedom
Don’t settle for anything less.

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Open so wide the World finds its HOME

The snow fell in Santa Fe
And drew us inside
I stayed close to myself
And allowed a soft quietness
To flow into everything
A peaceful acceptance descended upon me
And in that peace I remembered you all
And as I sit here now
I hold you in a loving embrace

Everything is allowed
In this heart
I will not turn away from darkness
Or the wounds of the past
I will not turn away
From pain or suffering
Whether it is my own
Or yours

But will open so wide
The whole world
Will find it’s home
And come to rest
And, just for a moment,
Before all activity starts again,
We can simply be here
In this silence
And witness the beauty
Of eternity
In each others eyes and hearts

This is the love that heals
And only love heals the world.

The Un-Faced Past Is A Hungry Ghost

At some point on your journey
You will have to make a choice
Or you may well be ruled by the past
Your whole life
That choice is whether you continue
To feed the hungry ghosts
That love your fear and anxiety
Held captive by something
That happened a long time ago
Or not..

The past lives on inside us
As long as we have not faced it

At some point you will have to turn around
And meet it
And that is when a great decision could be made
The decision to no longer give your power away
To no longer give your authority away
To no longer let those ghosts
Steal your innocence

In turning and facing
You may fall into a deep hole
Don’t worry
It may feel as though you are dying
Don’t worry, the you that is dying needs to die
You may feel terrified and out of control
As though you are going mad
That is the weight you have carried unconsciously all your life
That is the baggage, the pain, the guilt, the suffering
The self blame, guilt, rage
That’s what you feel when you turn and face the ghosts
That’s why it feels like death

Walk willingly into that fire
And let burn what must burn
Let the fire of love burn what is no longer needed
And emerge, arise, awaken
And Free.

No Destination But Here

Who are we
Going nowhere
As fast as possible
What destination
Do we imagine
Lies ahead
That causes us
To hurtle forward
At the expense
Of living here and now

The truth is
It is our imagination itself
That dangles the carrot
In front of our donkey faces

I have looked into the future
And recognized it is there anyway
Whether I race towards it or not
In fact the most terrifying thing of all
Is that it’s like a an unstoppable tsunami

Time makes the future an inevitability
We are powerless to stop

And yet the deeper we go inside ourselves
We may find
That which is beyond time itself
Beyond imagination of future and past
And that is where we might, through grace,
Find some peace
In the timeless place within
In the silence and emptiness beyond form

There is no destination but here.

An update and website name change

Friends, I have decided to jump in deeper with this poetry site.

That means I have paid to remove advertising, I was so sick of it as I’m sure you were.

And now it means I have changed the website name, bought a new one and mapped it to this wordpress site.

It is now

I think this marks a new momentum of poetry for me.  To be clear, I am not trying to do anything with the poetry I write. I’m not trying to get somewhere, or make a career out of it, or get more followers or even appeal to the followers I do have (but thank you anyway!)

No, I simply write because I choose to write, maybe because it gives me something other areas of life don’t give me. Even my music, and I love playing and writing and recording music, doesn’t give me what my poetry does.

That is probably directly because it’s just simple expression with no particular purpose other than itself.

To me it is love, love as consciousness, love as expression, love as form, and love as beauty and love as communication, that’s why I do it.

So I wanted to thank you, to those of you who read it, those who support me, those who like, those who read and don’t comment and those who don’t respond. I appreciate it all. I am not going to change much I can’t imagine. The website may expand in some way, but probably not.

That all I have to say.

Much love to you on this day.

Kavi ( )

The Path of Acceptance

Today I choose to rest in soul’s wisdom
In heart’s peaceful acceptance of
The way things are
I am tired of fighting with it all
Weary of the argument with life
Of how it should be
Or shouldn’t be
Bored of my own righteousness

Today, here and now,
In this moment and this moment
I am going to say
‘This is how it appears
And this is how I will embrace it.’
And I will not add any story
To my experience
Or seek to gain sympathy or understanding
From my patient lover

No, today I will stand here
Empty and silent
In the face of noise

And if someone should ask
How I am
I will say
‘Neti Neti.’

My Lover and I.

We are traveling, my lover and I,
Through this mysterious world,
Side by side for a time
Yet still utterly alone

There is an exquisite beauty
That love offers
When embraced in it’s totality
A door opens to eternity
And grace itself seems to welcome you in

You cannot fall deeply into love’s arms
Without all war ending within you
There is no room for anything else
But love’s surrender

My lover and I,
We know all this
We know that we will have to say goodbye
And leave each other
But oh my!
To have been able to taste
The simple yet profound flavor
Of love’s purest nectar
Is worth a hundred thousand years
Of aloneness.