Photography is Intimacy with the Experience of Life.

Blue Boat and TrashReality is a picture composed of perception and belief. It’s not something independent of us. We have been conditioned…trained, to believe that reality is something fixed, and we are merely observers of that fixed reality. This pervasive and disempowering belief could not be further from the truth.
But don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to define what reality is here, I have neither the intelligence or capability to do such a thing. If you consider reality, the utter vastness of what reality is, however you experience it, you realise we are unable, and will always be unable to define or explain it.

But we can say something of what it is not. And it’s not normal. Reality is not normal by any stretch of the imagination.
And here is something I’ve noticed. Two people can look at the same thing and explain what they see in very different ways, as though they are seeing two different realities. Maybe they are.
And then the big question arises. How does reality come into being? And what part do we play in our experience of reality.
These are the questions that fascinate me.

Pirate - ArtPiece 1And these are the things that occur to me when I’m doing the pictures. I love not taking anything for granted. I love not deciding anything about what a picture will look like, or what I want. I love using a mask on a picture to totally change the colour of the sky so it looks somehow unusual. And I love the shapes, patterns, and colours that arise as I walk around.

I love not knowing anything about Reality At All.
Zen Photography I call it.
Photography is intimacy with my experience of life. 

I’m not taking pictures I’m creating art and reflecting the strangeness of reality.

The Quay in Green Blue



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