Photography – Relief From Suffering

I know I know, it sounds dramatic. But really, and I’m not much of a drama queen, I mean it. My experience since getting this camera and ‘getting out there’ is that when I am out in the early morning, just wandering about, not going anywhere particular, not even looking for things, just kind of hanging out and waiting for a moment to fall into place, is that peace happens. Silence happens within
Hey I just realised, if I didn’t have a camera round my neck in those early mornings I would definitely have been stopped and probably arrested on suspicion…The difference between suspicion and innocence is a Nikon D3300!

Anyway, silence within happens to me. I never expected it to be so profound. This morning I was out at 6am for dawn, and the sky was so big, and changing so much, yet not changing at all. And it was pink in places, and there was such a majesty and simplicity about the whole thing I swear to god I just started smiling and almost got to crying. I don’t know what came over me but I was deeply moved by it. It was PERFECT. There was nothing to change to improve on it. 

My life is good. I love my life, in all its unknownness, and I have deep love with my wife, and I play music, and follow my bliss and purpose. Money is always an issue as it is for everyone, but life is very good.
But this just stops everything, and it all seems like a dream, almost like suffering. I touch beauty through this, I touch nature and shapes and love and even enlightenment. I touch depth and patterns. I see lives of people and animals and birds. I see how things come and just go, regardless of whether we see them.

I know that sometimes I am the only one who sees that moment in the Universe, that culmination of galactic events that conspired in that one moment, never ever to be repeated. All that with just a little camera…and no drugs. I’m hooked.

One thought on “Photography – Relief From Suffering

  1. Karen

    This is truly beautiful Kavi. I understand the overwhelming emotions when out in nature; I have felt it myself… you cannot put into words how amazing it feels 🙂 Thank you for sharing xx


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