As The World Appears More Insane, I Become Saner, Or Do I?

What the F..k happened?
Yeah I mean the world..
When did it start going so mad?
I can’t begin to guess…maybe it was always like this, and it was just hidden under a blanket of innocence or naivety.
Golden Dawn Ominous Dawn - Hastings Skylined Dawn - HastingsBut there ain’t no way to deny it, this shit got crazy!
I do find it funny when I meet people who seem not to have noticed. And actually thats still a lot of people. It’s like there is a universe between us, a gulf that is so big it’s impossible to bridge it.
But bridge it we do, and as long as the conversation doesn’t get real or serious all is well. As long as its just the regular humdrum stuff of life we are both safe. I’m like an alien sometimes who has learned to speak human and is trying to blend with the crowd, hoping that they can’t see the truth.

Either that or I’m just crazy and have become more and more unhinged as I’ve gotten older. Maybe all those psychedelic experiences when I was in my late teens DID actually have an impact.

What do you think? Have you noticed the trickery, the deceit, the manipulation, the theft and the hostility, everywhere?

Well here’s the thing with me. I made a decision that I wasn’t going to get involved in the drama of it all. In fact I decided that as the world appears more and more lost and deluded, I was going to reflect that by becoming more grounded, clear, and sane.
Sometimes I think it’s worked,and sometimes it fails.
But I do it anyway, and I press on anyway. Life is a crazy thing. But it’s a damn sight  easier without the drama. And it doesn’t mean I don’t care. I care very much, but I’ve never seen drama, hysterics or fighting resolve anything particularly well. 

That’s my ramble for today..

We Do Not Sell Drugs



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