Taking It All So Damn Personally

The dichotomy of human existence is agony sometimes,
Mixed up between the personal and the impersonal.
Some stuff just happens for reasons we don’t understand,
Because life is beyond our comprehension
But then we go and spoil it all
By saying something stupid like,
“It’s my fault.’

We have a story going on all the time,
Head swimming with tall tales that distract us from life.
And it’s not usually the events that cause us such distress,
It’s the story.

I have done everything to deal with these stories,
And now I just ignore them when they arrive with their pleading
And demanding, with their proof and their trickery,
Because I see their empty ramblings
As the delirium of a mental patient.

I stay free, and let it all just be.
I will not be judged by myself and found guilty.
Thats a rigged court.
I will not believe anything that tells me I am less than freedom itself.
I’m sick of living in self imposed chains.

Low Flier

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