I Get So Sick Of It All

Sometimes I get so sick of all this,
Don’t you?
Am I on my own with this?
I mean, I’m a real positive guy,
Had a rough life,
Been broken, beat up and addicted,
Had some life challenging disease stuff, healed it, transformed it all,
Found God, consciousness, love
Thrown life up in the air
An alienated, crazy, mystic, holistic, muso
With an angel of a woman
No money, no house, no kids, just pure creativity,
A thirst for truth and love
And a clear eye that sees the crap of the world
And the beauty of existence…
And sometimes I get so very sick of it all,
It makes me so weary
I just want to sleep forever.
No depression, no suicidal feelings, none of that,
Just a recognition
That its relentless
Like a wave that keeps on coming,
And most of the time there’s peace
But every now and then
A tempest arrives
A storm of dark clouds
And heavy rain
That passes
And cleanses.
I am committed to honest sharing
And this is my truth.

Kavi Hockaday-1163 copy

2 thoughts on “I Get So Sick Of It All

  1. Dormis Aeternitas

    sure, I think many get sick of it all and feel the same way. All you can do is endure and realize ‘this, too, will pass.’


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