I Just Appeared and I Won’t Go Away

I am not trying to escape this world
Or this life
But I am trying to find some peace
With what’s been happening 
Since I arrived
And when I expect to leave.
Am I here or not here?
What is this thing that seems so real
Yet has all the characteristics
Of a dream?
Who is this I 
That is always with me,
The one I’m constantly taking about?
He is so demanding
And is determined to take over
The world.
Always the I is here
Running the show, making rules,
War mongering and spreading fear
Judging everything so harshly.
He first appeared shortly
After I arrived in this world
And I fully expect him to remain
Until I leave.

But how can I talk about I?
It’s not possible, it just creates an
I Loop.

Try not saying ‘I’ the whole day
And see what happens.
It will drive you insane.

I dare you.

If you can’t laugh about the paradoxical insanity of the spiritual quest,
You simply haven’t understood the joke.

Buddha is closed.
Buddha is closed.


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