You have the world inside you

You have the world inside you.
The world lives in you,
Its alive and expressing itself
But you think it is you,
You claim ownership
Of what is not yours.

But just because it is
Not yours
Doesn’t mean
You can absolve yourself
Of responsibility.
You have great responsibility my friend.
The world is upon
Your shoulders.

Your task is to forgive
The world
That lives inside you.

Seek out fear and hate
Seek out pain and regret
Seek our jealousy and rage
Seek out self hate
And victim thinking
And cast them all
Into the fire
That changes all things.

Sprinkle the ashes
On the garden of love
And watch it grow
Tender new shoots.

Water the garden
With tears of sadness
For the world
And cry it back to life.

There is a new world
That lives in the heart of man and woman.
It is closer than we think.

Dawn final days copy


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