The Dinner Party Guests

The Dinner Party Guests.

Wisdom was the last guest at the party
Arriving silently and alone
Importance arrived first
And stole the show
Judgement sat
At the head of the table
With righteousness by his side
They agreed
About everything.

Fear sat shaking
And hoping they wouldn’t be seen
Regret looked down at their plate
And wished they had
Chosen something else
When hate arrived
And demanded the best seat
No one challenged him
An argument was inevitable 
And within no time at all
There was a fight
And everyone was poisoned 
By the same cup.
It was a desperate drama
And a dark day
For all.
The party was in tatters.

Thats when wisdom
Silently taking her seat
Without importance,
Without judgement
Or fear,
And with no regrets 
About coming.

Hate was out of its depth,
And, with nothing to feed on,
Shrivelled into nothingness
Little more than a dead parasite.

Thats when peace arrived
As if out of nowhere
As if it had been there all along
But nobody had paid it
Any attention
And all it could do
Was wait
Until silence reigned
And wisdom arrived.

Sunbeams in the wood copy


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