Thrown Off Planet Earth

There had been talk
In the invisible realm
Of what to do about this
Human condition
The earth was suffering from.
The liberals sought to
Talk to them and try to understand
What was wrong?
The radicals thought they should be 
Left to evolve out of their childish behaviour.
The right wanted to control them, 
And tell them what to do.

Nothing worked.
The chaos of humanity
Spread across the suffering globe
And spiralled
Out of control.

All they could see was themselves
It was demonic
And all the goodness
That lay dormant
Fell fast asleep
Over shadowed
By hate and fear.

It seemed nothing could solve
The desperate condition
And suffering of the earth.

Earth, who had spent millions of years preparing for the arrival
Of human.
Earth, who offered her grace and abundance,
Wanting only honour and grace
In return.
All she wanted was to be tended to and loved.

And so the day came
When the vote took place
And it was overwhelmingly
That it just hadn’t worked
And they had to go.
Of the thirteen votes
Only one voted for
The humans to stay
And they wept when they knew
The fate of humanity.

And so it was that humans
Were thrown off planet earth
With no where else to go.

It was regrettable for all
There had been so much promise
Of what could have been
Of the splendours that
Harmony could bring
And it seemed such a waste
Of such potential.

The Costa Rican Hills.
The Costa Rican Hills.

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