I Fell Into The World

Suddenly, as if by magic entrancement
I found myself here
In a body, with a life
They called me by a name
I came to recognise
And slowly slowly 
I succumbed 
And became who I was.

I fell into this world
From somewhere else
But no-one can tell me
Where I came from.

Here is all I know
And even this
Doesn’t seem real
Any more.

So what do I have?
This dream
Or an unknown source.

And when I leave,
Will I return to the
Same place I came from?
Or maybe we arrive through one door
And leave by another.

How can anyone be sure?
Surely everyone is just

Ah! To live in a
Constant state of mystery
Knowing that I know nothing
Is the only freedom.

The Quay in Green Blue

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