The Buck Stops With You

You, who arrived from nowhere
Who find yourself
Now Here
You, who inherited a past
You had no control over
You, moulded and conditioned by
Who carried the wounds
Of parents
Who carried the wounds
Of parents,
Generation after generation
Of pain and wounding.
You, who think you are in control
Of your life
But live a life
That looks 
Out of control
You, who thinks they are awake
But acts like they sleep walk
And speaks from a dream.

The buck stops with you, dear friend
If you want to
Play a part in
In whatever is changing
Now and here is the time
To pick up the torch
And set fire to yourself.
Burn away the blame, the guilt
The self obsession, the delusion,
Burn away what is not love
Burn away lies
Let go of your wounds and release your parents
Be the one who can say
The buck stopped with you
And become freedom itself
Unbounded and unchained
From generations of 
Prison culture.
The ripples of your freedom will
Pass backwards and forwards
Across eternity
And each of your ancestors
From the very first to the very last,
Will thank you.

We are intrinsically connected
To the very first humans
Through our DNA and through
Our wounds.
There is no time and space
And each of the wounds lives in us
In the now.
All our ancestors, from the very first
Lives inside us, now, held captive
By our inability to release them into
Unconditional forgiveness.
The buck stops here, with you,
Right now.

Tree and Water

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