the artist is one lives in the cracks

the artist is one who
transcends self interest
yet still has a body
to feed.

the need to express
what lies within
is not an option
but a compulsion.

for those millions
of artists
driven but not paid
life is an endless
between the muse
and the mouth.

the artist is outside 
most things
dancing to a tune
only they can hear
but others can feel.

they speak of the things
only lunatics speak
they paint visions
seen only by those
in the asylum
they express
the darkness
most can never speak of

yet the artist lives on the edge of
the world and

there is no place for them,
by their very nature
they do not fit in.

so they live in the cracks 
and the holes,
they live in the gaps
like a flower that
on the sidewalk,
in between the thousands 
of marching feet.

it doesn’t take much to crush
the artist
because most of them
are almost crushed anyway.

when the artist
truly captures
an expression of something
in a unique moment
all the pain
and the sorrow, and the struggle

vanish like an
early morning mist
met by the sun.

maybe the artist is doing it
because all the others


Kavi Jezzie Hockaday – artist…poet, musician, photographer, author, madman, transformation coach, outsider…

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