the carrot that leads the donkey nowhere

so lost in the doing world
was he,
he forgot to attend
to the being behind

he became lost
for years,
wandering in the wilderness
of things,
hypnotised by the senses
that led him
as a carrot
leads the donkey
oblivious to anything
but experience
yet endlessly

the only hope was
moving from
thing to thing
from experience
to experience
like chasing rainbows
or trying to catch
the mist.

one day
he stopped all searching
and faced the truth
that he was exhausted
and spent.
he lay down and gave up
on it all.
and in that
he found the kind of peace
offered by the searching
but never delivered.

and then he understood
the difference between
doing and being
and even though he
still played the game of the senses,
he never again
took it so seriously.

sheep in the jungle

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