the devastating beauty of life

you may have heard
people say
‘but it’s all perfect isn’t it?’
or some other new age
cover up for
dark feelings.

the truth is only
god, or that which designed
and created this world
can speak of perfection
and those who have tasted
the mind of god,
the saints and the gurus.

for the rest of us
we can only speak of the glory
of utter imperfection
and find our salvation in the
truth that
it is this very embracing
of imperfection
that allows our hearts
and minds
to open
to the devastating
beauty of life.

life is a devastation 
when you really look
it is an out of control
shrouded in the unknown
our desperate attempts 
at control
come to nought 

but when you 
see it from a certain angle
the horror and the pain
and the eventual demise
of all things
is sublime
in its inevitability.

only god can speak of perfection,
because to god 
it always was perfect
it always is perfect 
and it always will be

god is not concerned by time
eternity is their clock
god is always whole
so nothing is ever lost or
to god there is only
coming and going
coming into form
and going out of form
but even that
doesn’t worry god

and don’t think
i’m talking about
a man who lives in the sky
that is not god.

god is the mysterious intelligence 
that lives inside everything
from the grain of sand
to the spinning of the universe
from nebula
to microbe
inside everything that is
and everything that isn’t.

Big Pink Sky 2 copy

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