Love Is A Fire

Do not think
I am a fool
Because I speak
Of love

My fire is so strong
It may well
Burn you
To a cinder

But rest assured
Out of the ashes
Will rise a
So powerful
It will destroy
And fear.

I sat with a wrathful
Teacher once
His love was ferocious
In it’s intensity
And I felt myself
Dying into it
And it terrified me
But from my death
I arose anew.

The sun does not
Give it’s light
With apology
The sun is so
It will destroy you
If you don’t
Respect it.

Yet it gives it’s light
And you can live
In it’s glow.

You owe your existence
To it, and
You would never say

The sun is a weak fool.

Kavi Portrait 1
Me. Nice to meet you!

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