There Is No Other

This life is a trickster
And not what it seems
We are deceived
Oh! What terrible
Has befallen us.

We imagine
There is an other
Out there
And our imagination
Brings great suffering
War and misery.

There is no other
There never was
It is a dream
And a terrible

Everything you see 
Is only a reflection 
Of your Self
It’s all you,
The whole thing,
Nothing excluded
And this dream
Of an other
Is a mirage,
And like all
When you 
Get up real close
And look with
A clear eye
You will realise
Just how mistaken
You have been.

With a clear eye
You will only
Find your Self.

A great roar
Of laughter will erupt 
And a great ocean
Of tears will be wept
For the colossal 
Suffering caused
By such an error
Of judgement.

reflection 1 reflection 2 reflection 3 reflection 4

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