a love river to the ocean of peace

there is an intelligence 
that lives inside everything 
a secret wisdom
that animates 
all things
some call it divine
but it has no name
or quality

when we flounder
and flail around
on the surface
of life
only concerned 
with our petty differences
and obsessed 
with our own selves
we totally miss
the resplendent
of this
infinite intelligence 
and we mistake the world
for something
it is not.

but infinite intelligence 
doesn’t care at all
and leaves it completely
up to us
what we do
on planet earth.

and yet something
mysterious happens 
when we remember 
that we are also
infinite intelligence
and life itself
begins to make sense
and flow
like a love river
to the ocean
of peace.

not many people
want to know this
are too busy
and distracted
by the mirage
of the world
to listen.

Tree and Water


Layers of sea

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