my restless mind

oh! still my restless mind
that drags me
here and there
like a dog
with a rag doll.

stop it!
this endless
with past and future
with what is missing
and what is wrong
and what you like
and don’t like
it is like an itch
i can never scratch
and under every offer
of satisfaction
is this restlessness

i see your game
and you taunt me with
your offers of peace
and satisfaction.

you, who offers
and never delivers
you do not exist for me
but for yourself
and turn me to
the ultimate
addict, like
everyone else,
addicted to my own mind
and the false promise
of peace.

i know your game
yet still you pull me
hither and thither.
you stole all
my power
so long ago
before i even noticed.

but now i see you
and i know you
and slowly your
stranglehold on
my life
is diminishing
and there is nothing
you can do.

the truth is you are
and the only power you have
is the power
i give you.
i will not give
my power
to a tyrant
and a dealer of lies.

oh! still my restless mind.
Local Husky

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