Man Is Born To Serve Not Lead

A man is born to serve
That which is divine
He is made to
Pledge his allegiance
To the feminine
To serve love
And beauty
With his presence
And strength.

He is made to
That which is 
Most precious
And to have 
Great humility.

That is man’s true power
And gift to the world.

But he forgot the truth
And stole the crown,
And wore it proudly
Upon his own head
He built a world
For himself
And declared himself
Lord and master
Of all things.

But life is strange 
And the truth will rise
Once again
We are here
To restore
The rightness of things,
And to tear down the falseness 
Of this world man built
In his folly.

Unless we honour and serve
The feminine,
Both within ourselves
And outside ourselves,
We are doomed to eternal war.
The crown and the town 2 The king The ominous horse

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