outpouring of consciousness

i am that
which has
out of consciousness

i appear to be
something real
but on closer
i am a figment
of my own

if you try and 
grasp this stuff
with your mind
it will drive
you crazy
and still not
an answer

truth is so very subtle
and quiet
only by becoming
with this moment
can you sense it.

the mystery
of existence 
and non existence
is staggering
to the mind
so it creates
to uphold itself.

terrified of death
and non existence 
of yielding its power
it uses
whatever it can
to cling to life.
‘the louder the better’
said the mind,
terrified of
stillness and silence.

give it no power
or false sense
of itself, not
by fighting it
but by getting quieter
than it can handle
and hear it scream.
you will laugh at it’s 
cries and howling,
‘stop!’ it will say,
‘this is useless, let’s 
do something instead.’

just stay in soft, subtle

that is all you need
eventually even
the mind will get weary
and quieten down.

© 2016 Thunderbolt Press
Early morning shadows copy

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