stardust lovers


i am devoted to you
and adore you
like the hummingbird
adores the nectar
i circle
your universe
held like a planet
is held by
a field of
invisible energy
i could not escape you
if i wanted to.
we are a mystery,
you and i,
destined to meet
and become this
we are not of
this world
we are 
stardust lovers
playing the human

we are only here
so let us dance
and sing and love
without great care
for the future.

we do not belong
to this place,
you and i,
but pay that no mind
for we found
each other
in this strange world
of form
that signifies nothing.

we are stardust lovers.
the dust of the stars
gathered together
as a you
and a me
by some majestic
that runs everything,
and as i sit
i know these words
mean nothing
because the way
it really is, is
and unknowable.

this is how our love is.
Amoda Close Up Black and White

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