i tried everything and ended up at kindness

oh my!
i have tried everything
in my dealing with the world
and other people,
like many 
i have tried vengeance
and righteousness
i have hated and feared
even played the victim
and withdrawn
so far i have
been like an animal
in a dark cave.

everything, everything
has left me feeling
until i tried

even when it seems
and even when i’m right
kindness has worked.

at first i couldn’t
justify my own
and my mind screamed
‘what are you doing?!’
but eventually even
my turbulent
and troubled mind
began to like this
new way of being.

it got to feel good
for a change
and sort of fell into line
like a humble servant.

and now, when I’m 
faced with those same
situations I get to
quickly choose
kindness first.

it works so well
and everyone feels goods
i don’t know why
it hasn’t caught on yet.

The window sash repair man brought his dog today. A labradoodle by the name of teddy, who has just been groomed and smelled divine..So I took his picture. He is a beauty.


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