Reminding Me To Choose Peace

The turbulence of yesterday
Has been my teacher today

As I lay my head down last night
For sleep
I reflected 
On how 
I gave my allegiance
To the vicissitudes 
Of my mind
Which then tore
At my inner peace
With its pride
And righteous indignation.
My mind is powerful
And tries to convince me
It is the almighty force.
Yesterday I gave it the power
It seeks
And it caused me
Great suffering.

And as I drifted
Into stillness
I remembered
I always have
A choice.
I don’t have to fight
My own mind
But I can softly
And gently choose
To allow
What is happening
To happen,
Even if my mind screams
And what is more
I can smile
And radiate peacefulness.

If allowing is born
Of reluctance
It’s not real.
And yet, to release the mind,
Takes practice and patience.

In the early hours of this morning
I walked with my camera
In peacefulness
And felt renewed
As if I had been caught
In a thunderstorm
That had washed me
Lilly in Stillness copy Reeds in Reflection copy

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