The Butterfly People

Almost dead, heads spinning
Confused and trapped
Suffocating and 
Carrying the weight
Of transformation

The Butterfly People

In one great display
Of utter beauty
They broke free
Of their chains
And limitations
From their
And fear
They arose
And free.

The Butterfly People

And when they flew
They all flew 
And when they danced
They all danced

The Butterfly People

One and many
The same
Yet beautifully
Each with their
Own blazing colours
That shone into the
The dark night

The Butterfly People

And when they
All flapped their wings
It sent waves
Of such magnitude
To all corners
Of the world
That change
Just happened
As if by itself

Don’t ask me
How it works
I cannot explain
The genius
Or complexity
Of the universe
I am one who stands
In awe of 
Everything he sees
And simply tries
To show it
To others 
Who may have forgotten.

There is a
New dawn coming
It is good to be awake
Before it arrives.


the Butterfly effect

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