world beyond form

my trip to earth is short…..
i have never been here before…..
it seems very dense…..

where i come from
there is a lightness
of being
and we are not 
glued to our senses
like humans

you seem to have taken
form far too literally
as though
it’s the only thing
that matters

where i come from
is only a small part
of existence
long ago we
what you call
subtle energies.

the world beyond
your senses
is more vast 
than you could possibly
it is the world
of magic, mystery
transcendence, beauty
it is the world
beyond time and space
it is the world
where things 
come and go easily
passing from form
into the formless
without care

relax your steely grip
on form
oh human!
it is such a small part
of your life.
develop your inner
world and
live beyond
your senses
there is a majesty
and freedom
that will 
shock you
for an eternity.
what is real 2 what is real piano light

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