It’s between you and god

your relationship with life
with other human beings
with the world 
and with yourself 
is really
always about
your relationship
with god.

it is so intimate 
and personal
so deep and intrinsic
that you may not even
see it.

humans are so busy
swimming on the surface
convinced that form
is all that matters
and unaware
of what lies below.

i am almost done
with all that
and now all i see
is what lies below
i see the patterns
and shapes
of wholeness
and no longer
see anything as separate
from anything else.

there are moments
when i am speechless
and no longer able to
what is happening
or  even account
for myself
a sort of joyous
madness and great
comes over me
when i contemplate
the sheer magnificence
of it all…sorry i cannot go on today..

Kavi at the studio The sun burst through the sky

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