the cat that broke my will


When I walked out the door at 5.45am I didn’t think I would get any pictures, but I went anyway, and down the street this little cat strolled in front of me saying ‘Take my picture?’
I said, ‘No, please, no more pictures of cats on Facebook…or anywhere…I will get ridiculed..Thats all we see, pictures of you cats taunting us like some alien species…We have human problems you know, we don’t just exist to post pictures of feckin cats!’
But this one just sexed me up and stood there, looking directly at me, and I melted right into him/her…
‘Just one picture,’ I told myself…The photo session started there.
But then when I got home and looked at this cat, WOW! The eyes, like David Bowies eyes..And such a present cat…
What do you think?
I was deeply glad fate brought us together and that I surrendered my hostile will. Thats it really isn’t it? Thats what we must do, surrender our hostile will…Maybe thats really what cats have to teach us. They are such glorious creatures.

And I reflected on this whole masculine/feminine thing. Our task, and it isn’t easy, is to surrender the masculine part of us so that it comes into service to the feminine. If it doesn’t it is likely to run out of control, and thats the state of the world, an unhinged and unbalanced masculine principle. It’s not bad or good, its just not balanced. And thats within us an individuals and our collective experience, culture.

So this little creature became my own personal metaphor for this. Surrender the stubborn, righteous will to the natural, intuitive, caring and compassionate.

And nothing is lost, and everything is gained. Life becomes whole and natural.
white-cat-2-copy white-cat-3-copy

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