is there a place for softness?

i wonder sometimes
as i look around
and see so much
speed and intensity
as i see
the hardness
that has drawn
around us
like a
concrete blanket
into a kind of
fevered activity
like the panic
stricken hamster
on the wheel…

i wonder
is there any place
for softness?
is there any place
for the warm
and tender
that allows us
to just
breathe out?

do we have to be
broken and bombed
refugee or victim
to weep our sorrow?

i am sorry if this
poem isn’t up beat
and full of
positive affirmation
but someone
has to say these things.

without softness
we are dead.

may these soft tears
fall upon
the floor
and form a
a tiny ocean
for you to bathe in
and let go
of all this harshness
for one jewel-like

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