no true power but grace

i will not meet the world

with rage and war

when the world offers me
its cruelty and fire
why would i offer
it the same?

surely it is that very cruelty and fire
whoever starts it
that is the problem?

i can only say this
that when the world gets harder
i become softer and more loving

i am not a fighter
i am a lover
i am the stars themselves
the cosmic universe, eternity,
the invisible world
made manifest
for a fleeting moment
of existence
why waste one drop of it
on hate or greed or war?

the best i can do
is to be here
silent and grounded
like an old oak tree
natural and innocent

oh deluded ones!
why do you clamour for power
when there is no true power
but grace?
everything you fight for
is an illusion
and you are doomed
to endless suffering.
it must be agony.

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