the artist within

don’t tell me you are not creative
don’t say you have never had an urge
to write or paint or sing or dance

don’t imagine that 
you can push down
your need to express
your innermost world
and not die a little

we have been tricked into thinking
that artistic expression
is not that important

but i am here to tell you
that it is vital to our humanity

don’t turn your back
on your creativity
release the artist within
bring them up close
like a tender child
and give them what they need
hug them and whisper
you love them
let them shine
and cry and dance
and they will reward you
in secret and divine ways

if we could all do
just this
we would 
not have to fight each other
any more
we would be far too busy
laughing and crying
the world back to life.

Kavi and Travis Music Experience.
Kavi and Travis Music Experience.

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