giving thanks

is it possible,
no matter what the world shows us
no matter what insults the body carries
and no matter the emotional charge
of our conditioning,
i wonder if it is truly possible
to give thanks for life itself?

is it possible to transcend
our dependency on external things?

or are we entirely driven
by these forces?

do we really have any power of choice?

it is a simple question.
even in the face of great fear
can we still be grateful
for existence itself
or must we demand something from it?

i think a master will say
there is a state of consciousness
that we can reach that is 
not dependent on anything
but most human beings are stuck
in that state of suffering
whereby gratitude is a bartering
tool, resigning them to a life of suffering.

in other words, gratitude is a choice we make
all day, every day, for our whole life.

wow. i can see where i have moved away from
simple thanks and caused my own suffering.

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