on this thanksgiving day

i am reminded
not to spend all my gratitude now
but to spread it evenly
over the other three hundred
and sixty four days
and not to just give it to
the ones i am with
but to share it evenly
among friends and strangers alike
and not to give it just to people
but to offer it fully
to whatever
brought me here
and to be grateful to all life

One thought on “on this thanksgiving day

  1. I’m a peaceful poet
    I enjoy gentle prose,
    not for me
    the hectoring tone
    it gets right up ya nose, Violence is wicked,
    a terrible sin
    I’m in love with the universe
    yet, i possess a thin skin
    an’ this means if you disrespect me,
    or criticise my life,
    I’ll stab ya in the back, ya prick,
    with a Butcher’s knife!


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