the world is a mirror held by God

we look outwards
piercing the world
with our hopes, dreams
thoughts, beliefs and fears
but really, what is this thing
we call the world out there?

i have seen this:
there is no world out there
when you die
where is the world?

there is only you
and your experience
the world appears
within your experience
it holds up a mirror
to try and show you
who you really are
but you just can’t see clearly enough
and the delusion is
that you see what you think you are
and take it to be real
and take it so seriously
you would die
over it, and kill over it.

that is the error of man
that he takes his delusion 
to be real

meanwhile the eternal mirror
shines back the truth.

oh humanity!
lost and wandering
in the garden
you are in a desert
surrounded by water
and bounty
you are parched
and starving

i beseech thee
awaken from this
and shake off
the long night
with its demons and ghosts
and meet the day
with open eyes
and an innocent heart.

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