richer than money

your heart 
is the only wealth
that really matters

a rich man
with a cold heart
is a poor man
with money

but a poor man
with a warm heart
is rich

we cannot live
by money alone
yet it consumes us all

the artist who longs to paint
the musician who must play
and the writer scribbling in the cafe
all compromised by this monster
called necessity

‘i saw a youtube video about a guy who 
had come out of prison after doing time for drugs.
he couldn’t get back into society, couldn’t get an apartment 
or a job and was shunned by people.
So he said ‘fuck it,’ and decided to live in a tent and play his guitar, 
get whatever money he could from busking
and just do what he loves…his music.’

i have a lot of respect for that guy.

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