look me in the eye

please, do me the honour of looking me in the eye
when you kill me
let us be honest, and bare our souls
to each other
there are no words to say, nothing to be uttered
as you take my life
and throw it away
but look me in the eye
and let us share this
eternal moment
where we see each others soul
and we see how distorted and mangled
is our perception
to imagine
we are different

when we look into each others eyes
we will see the paradox
of this life

we are the same and we are different
we come from the same place
and we return to the same place,
both of us empty
but while we are here
we imagine we are so very different
the illusion tears us open
and renders us enemies
it is like hating your own arm
because you think 
it is separate from you

look me in the eye
and remember this brother
we are the same.
Blackbird in the rain

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