when the head says no but the heart says yes

ah! the endless conflict of man
the dance between
apparent opposites
when the head says ‘no, be careful, don’t do that!’
and the heart says,’hey this sounds good, an adventure!’
and the soul, oh the soul! 
says, ‘why worry!’ it’s all god

even your head, your own ego,
has your best interests at heart. 
it is trying to protect you from danger
but does it always know what is right or good for you? or is it just being
over cautious and actually keeping you in a prison?

i am suspicious of my own ego
it masquerades as my friend
and, while it has some favourable qualities
adventure, growth and the gamble
are not any of them

and i can honestly say that
many times I have had to overrule
my own cautious and neurotic ego
and it has always worked out

i have learned to trust my heart and soul
and tell my head to serve that

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