love is a fire

is the time
to feed the fire
of love
throw on your fear
and your righteousness
your judgement
and your pain
throw on 
all those times
you have turned away
and withdrawn from life

the fire of love
will take everything
if it is willingly given
and it will turn it all
to beauty and radiance

love has had a bad rap
and now seems weak
and apologetic
love was cast out
as useless
in the face of fear
and rage

but we got it wrong

love is a fire
it is mighty
it is god made manifest
when you choose to live as love itself
you are choosing to live
as god manifesting on earth
and that will demand 
great humility and power
it will challenge everything you know
and people may hate you
but when love calls at your door
open it and invite it in
for it is salvation itself.

(in honour of Martin Luther King – a giant among small people)


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