An Existential Sadness

I feel a kind of deep sadness
It is not just a personal kind of sadness
But a universal one that includes me
It is a sadness for life itself
For the very fact of existence
It is almost impossible to sense
And yet there it is
And the more open I have become in my life
The greater the awareness
Of this sadness

But don’t think it is a sadness caused by anything
Or resolved by anything

It is simply a truth about life
Life is multi faceted
And it must include existential sadness
To give unconditional love and joy
Its context

But most people cannot hold this much sadness
It crushes them
Or they make it a problem
And take it personally

So here is the truth for anyone afraid of this deep hole:
Unless you touch this sadness and allow it, really feel it in the depths of your soul, you cannot truly live.
It is not indulgence and it doesn’t need resolving, or even explaining.
There is nothing wrong, sadness at existence is one of our connections to our divinity, it allows humility and compassion.
It is a heart opener, and it softens up hard edges. It’s not the soft option and it is not weakness.

It is our great and hidden strength
Because it brings depth.


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