this world needs lovers

i would love to show you the spendour of your true self
i would love to tear down the walls that hide your magnificence
and say ‘there you are!’ 
and watch as you fall to the floor
tears flowing and heart blown wide open
into unconditional love
i would give everything to tear off the mask
that prevents you from seeing
who you really are…

you, i mean you
you who reads these words
not my intimate lover
not even a self penned poem
but you

this world needs lovers
it needs the magnificent ones
the trail blazers
the ones blown open
and unafraid of anything fear can offer

and only when each of us accepts our own magnificence
and glory as the light of god
beyond all recrimination of the mind
will we become an army of lovers
ready to rid the world of fear and hate

this is a a poem of transcendence not belief
its not about religion it’s about freedom from religion
only when one has gone beyond all belief systems
beyond the mind’s constant need to judge and measure
can one be free
and the free are always full of love and truth

this world needs lovers not haters
and that is you and me, my friend.


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