in the world but not of it

this world, whatever it really is,
will drive you mad
if you let it, or if you believe it, or if you fight it
it will tear you apart
or it will give you so much power you
become demonic
or it will give you no power at all
and you will feel like nothing
it will beat you, terrify you, assault you
beguile you
and yet sometimes it will love you and support you
if you let it…

it is the trickster, the hustler, the great reflector
and it knows you better than you know yourself

believe none of it
be like the zen farmer
and when the world gives you something
or takes something from you
nod your head
and accept it
without drama or attachment
and if someone says how lucky you are
or how unfortunate you are
reply, “we shall see.”

loving detachment from good or bad
fortunate or unfortunate
is the only way to survive the drama
of this world

as a great teacher once said,
“be in the world
but not of it.”


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