The Little Bird

A little bird, crashed on the window
Fell to the floor
Dazed and confused
Heart was beating
Wings were broken
Lying helpless
Waiting for nothing
Living in freedom
Dying in freedom

I’m just here
I’m paying attention
Holding him gently
Watching him breathing
Keeping him warm
Keeping him close

The sun went down
And we were all sleeping
I was still praying I would see him at dawn
But I knew he was slipping
Away from this world we cling on to

When the sun returned
I shuffled down stairs
And sitting there quietly
Was the little bird
I softly stroked him
And I opened the doors up
And he flew away

I can tell you my friend
That I’m feeling so happy
And I’m feeling so gently
Because of my friend
In a moment of seeing
In a moment of caring
And paying attention
There was love in the air

He never returned, he flew into freedom
Never saw him again
But he lives in my heartbeat
And he lives in my loving
And he lives in the way that I care for the world.

Bird in Tree

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