contemplation is wisdom

what is it to ask demanding questions of life?

and why are we trained to do everything else but that?

we replace contemplation with religion and belief

and this must be the most laughable thing

we ever did.

we train people to be free thinking robots

that is, they behave like robots but imagine they are free thinking

those who arrive, by fortune or fall

at the deepest of contemplation

are blessed

indeed, i applaud depression and misery

as doorways to freedom

but only when they are seen

in the greater context

of the human condition…

depression and anxiety are normal

from an existential perspective

as krishnamurti said,

‘It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.’

but depression and anxiety must be scrutinised also

for they are responses to a feeling of alienation

and not truths

the ground of being

is exalted in its emptiness and freedom

like space itself – ah the scent of pure freedom!

i can smell its fragrance in this moment

and it draws me ever inwards.

roxie house 2

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