The Matrix Is Imploding

We are in transition…..

Things are changing, and you need to start getting comfortable with that, even in the great discomfort….It’s not going back to the way it was, whenever that was…
So don’t indulge the fearful mind’s desire for the old days…

This is it!
The best you can do is embrace all this madness and instability and LEARN TO SURF IN YOUR FULL POWER.

The time for practising your moves, your words, your sword wielding, is over….It’s now, here and now…

You have arrived finally at the present that is not going backwards and this is now your new normal….
So get used to it, fire up your engines and go go go….
No more holding yourself back, no more playing it safe and small.

It’s your time to shine and blaze, for the sake of your life, the world, future generations and freedom itself.

Do it do it do it do it do it….NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW….

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