don’t fight with the devil

don’t fight with the devil
you will never win
because even as you argue
you have already lost
its not the end result
the devil seeks
it is the fight itself
as long as the fight persists
the devil is happy

the devil is duality
the realm of the ego mind
it feeds on division
on right and wrong
on good and bad
it needs energy
to feed it
as much negative energy as possible
it is the realm of the hungry ghost
a horror story
that has us trapped
thinking we are free
but we fight and judge
and argue
our righteousness
and all that really happens is
the devil wins
and the world persists
in perpetual motion
and we run around
in this prison
of delusion
as though we were free

so when the devil picks a fight with you
and he will
don’t fight back
even though you know you are right
don’t pick up your weapon
and fight back
you will never win
as soon as you pick up that weapon
you have lost
and when you lose
we all lose

oh! if we all put down our weapons
and stopped all this fighting and feeding
the devil
something new would happen
on planet earth.


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