when love meets itself

when the silence in you
meets the silence in another
there is only peace
it appears there are two people relating
yet in truth
there is only one

when love meets itself
everything that is not love

but let us be clear
when i talk of love
i do not talk of the
grabbing, needy kind – no
i am talking of the
love that needs nothing
for it is complete unto itself
it is the ground of being
and the fragrance of the garden

your true nature is the silence behind everything
which is love
and when you surrender yourself completely
you may fall back
through eternity, beyond time and space,
and discover the most wondrous reverie

and if you are blessed to meet
another being
who has also fallen
into that divine reverie

then you will know peace
and you will have no need to relate
for there will be only one thing
and everything will be it.

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