When the Pursuit of Truth Burns Everything

When one day you realize
That ninety-nine percent of human stuff
Is projection
And that it is a rare human being
Who sees through a clear lens

And you decide that
This is the one percent
You really want to be part of

So you pursue truth
Like a tiger stalks it’s prey

But truth burns your whole life up
And destroys every illusion
You held dear

Until you are marooned on a tiny raft
Adrift on a vast ocean
Of meaninglessness

And then the unthinkable happens…
The raft itself disappears
And for one moment
You are utterly alone
In a universe of nothing

And that is when you get it
And all notion of ninety-nine or one percent
All tigers and prey,
All seeking, all burning
All fires and all illusion

And you return to sweeping the floor
Or running the errands
Or doing the dishes
Or carrying the water.

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