cruel world worthy of your love

yes the world seems cruel and heartless
full of hate and war
driven mad by greed and fear
yes it’s all wrong
and we can’t even care for our own species
and yes
we just tear nature apart for our own gain


is this cruel world still worthy of your love?

or is it all too much?

is this what you signed up for?

maybe you have already decided this world
is too harsh, too cruel, too mean
and you have withdrawn your love
and now you just keep it to yourself
and the best you can do
is keep yourself protected
from all the pain

but this is a hopeless plan..

this is the trapped bird
locked in a cage
when what it needs

is to fly free
and abandon
all care

is this cruel world still worthy of your love?

oh yes! my friend
that is exactly
what you signed up for

the challenge you accepted before you came here was thus:

to open your heart whatever appeared before you
to stare hell in the eye and not flinch
or shut down for one moment
to love anyway
to see beyond all manifestation
and to radiate like a beacon of hope
so that others, lost in the storm,
may find their way home.

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