tenderness is a virtue

there is a harshness to this life
a demand to be strong
and forceful
its all about fighting for your rights
and the war on something
and the battle of the sexes
you have to be wary
and defended and cautious

oh! its exhausting just writing it..

my world is not like that at all
my world is about tenderness
and beauty and love
compassion and understanding and peace
my world is about recognition and respect
support and wisdom

this tenderness i speak of is not fragile
or weak
this love is not something less than fear or anger


these qualities are the fabric of the universe itself
they are the truth of our being
they are virtuous and dignified
they are wisdom lived

it is easy to follow the herd
and be angry and loud
to shout others down with some ill learned opinion

but it takes genuine heart
to soften oneself
into loves surrender
the warrior is one
who turns their back
on the crowd
and lives in humble strength
because they know it to be
the way.

7 thoughts on “tenderness is a virtue

  1. I too, concur with Diana. There’s something more then just poetic in your words… it is what I call truth speak; it resonates to the core of your readers, it’s sexy, mesmerizing and eloquently captivating. I am having the greatest Poetry affair of my life!


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