shrouded by eternity

if we were to truly allow ourselves
to feel
the weight of existence
and to feel
the utter mystery
and inevitability
that awaits
every single one of us

would we be rendered
stupefied and useless?

is it really better that we
turn our backs on such truth
and pretend, blindly,
that we will live forever
and that these short years
of our lives
are so important
we would fight, and kill, and suffer
for them –
when we are shrouded
on either side of this precious existence
by eternity?


denial of the truth
leads to the path of ignorance
and shadows

we must live, side by side,
aware of the greater context
aware of oblivion
aware that we are all here by grace
aware that eternity is our true home
aware that we all see the same fate
aware that we are living inside a deep mystery

in fact we must live

on our knees in prayer and gratitude

not this arrogance and entitlement.

only the deepest embrace of all that is
allows love’s healing balm to flow

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